The woman behind the brand

I’m Atiyeh,

the owner and founder of Chocotiyeh Limited. My passion is hospitality, food and baking. I am in my element when I have people over, sharing comfort food and pouring a cuppa tea. I believe that food brings people together and creates memories. For me cooking is synonymous with pleasure, sharing, discovery and creativity. I have a reputation for creating wonderful flavour, often developing ingredient combination that are experimental, original, sometimes daring, yet always perfectly balanced.

Read my story and my journey 


I have always dreamed of turning my house into a big kitchen, where friends and family come together to meet, feast and celebrate beautiful moments. I started cooking when I was 12. I mean cooking for a family of thirteen. I grew up in a large family and due to the war and the difficult circumstances I was not allowed to go to school despite the love and the passion that I had for learning. So, the kitchen became my classroom and the ingredients became my books. I explored, experimented and created the most exciting and delicious dishes for my family and friends. I developed a reputation for creating extraordinary food for parties, family gatherings and special occasions. I took a cooking course in Iran and was awarded a certificate that was well recognised back then. The kitchen was my happy place. But I wanted more. I wanted to explore the world and escape the social boundaries.


In 2010, I disobeyed my family tradition and moved to Malaysia with my 4 year old daughter. I wanted my daughter to have the best education and I was ready to sacrifice my life for that. In Malaysia, I used my cooking skills and passion for food to cater homemade food for the teachers of my daughter’s school. The positive feedback on the quality and the flavour of my food encouraged me to rent a stall selling Persian food in a very popular market to gain a bigger audience.


In 2013, I met the most wonderful man of my life. We got married and moved to Singapore and I saw my time in Singapore as an opportunity to explore and learn about high end buffet food and desserts in some of the best hotels in the world, including Marina Bay Sands, Swisshotel, The Fullerton, Mandarin Oriental and Pan Pacific. During my time in Singapore, we visited many neighbouring countries where I would take cooking courses to gain more experience of local cuisine.


In 2015, we moved to South Korea and I continued my small business, Atiyeh’s Kitchen, serving homemade food to the teachers of the international school where my husband worked. I believed in quality, seasonality, natural ingredients and sustainability in everything I did.


In 2017, we moved to my husband’s home country, England, to settle in and I was determined to learn about the English food. Here I discovered the nations great love for sweets and treats specially with a cup of tea. I worked in a local cafe as a waitress to learn about people, English food culture and people’s taste habits. Then, I decided to follow my passion, this time focused on baking, cakes and Persian shirinis which led to Chocotiyeh Bakery. I also had the unique opportunity to work at one of the most famous bakeries in London, which has proved to be an invaluable experience, working with the best bakers I could hope to work with. And as a result my skills in baking have exceeded my expectations.

In 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, my memories and experience of seven years in lockdown, due to the war, inspired me to do what my father did in the past, sharing good food to lift the spirit in the community. I applied for a street trading license from the council and served the community in a COVID-19 safe way. An outdoor cake shop, right at my doorstep. I was almost so close to my dream. I worked really hard and i absolutely loved my job. And the rest is the history .....